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Grand Forks Herald


Architecture, Greek; Universities and colleges--Faculty; College presidents; Dwellings; Temples; Columns, Corinthian; Missionaries; Dairy products industry; Butter sculpture; Wheat; Crops; Agriculture; Agricultural machinery; Tornadoes; Tornado damage; Circus; Coulees; Catholic Church; Hotels; Storms; Presbyterian Church

Corporate Subjects

University of North Dakota; North Dakota Historical Society; U.S. Customs Service. Office of Enforcement; Carrington & Casey Land Company; Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Combined Shows; Northern League of Professional Baseball; Great Northern Railway Company (U.S.)

Personal Subjects

Rovelstad, (Howard)Screen 2/26 April 1934; Foley, H. E. (Foley, Henry E. (Henry Elliott), 1902-); Engstad, J. E.; Roat, F. T.; Shafer, George F., 1888-1948; Templeton, Francis; O'Connor, J. F. T., 1884-1949; Libby, Orin Grant, 1864-1952; Hobart, Charles H.; Moore, J. G.; Kean, Abram, 1855-1945; Hollett, F. S.; Halfyard, S. F.; Mills, Enos A., 1870-1922; Foster, C. T. Skeffington; Randall, Harry; Truemann, W. K.(Treumann,); Olson, C. H.; Foulks, Bosard, Florence; Lounsberry, Clement A. (Clement Augustus), 1843-1926; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Casey, Lyman R., 1837-1914; Barnum, P. T. (Phineas Taylor), 1810-1891; Chandler, Elwyn F. (Elwyn Francis), 1872-1944; Eastgate, J. E.; Mendenhall, H. G.; Milne, J. S.; Segovia, Frank; June, Cooley; Winship, George Bailey, 1847-1931

Geographic Subjects

North Dakota--Grand Forks; North Dakota--Bismarck; North Dakota--Cummings; North Dakota--Larimore; North Dakota--Sherwood; North Dakota--Devils Lake; North Dakota--Grafton; North Dakota--Cando; North Dakota--Carrington; North Dakota--Westhope; North Dakota--Souris; North Dakota--Fargo; Minnesota--Fisher; North Dakota--Valley City


Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota