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Grand Forks Herald


Appendicitis; X-rays; Diagnosis, Radioscopic; Bone densitometry; Domestic animals; Cage birds; Letters; Meadowlarks; Winter Animals--Habitations; Storms; Animal behavior; Dairy cattle--Feeding and feeds; Grazing--Management; Logarithms; Police dogs; Poetry; Clergy; Presbyteries; Christmas; Scones; Bread--Religious aspects--Christianity; Haggis; Fireplace cooking; New Year; Manners and customs; Checkers; Chess; City halls; Young Men's Christian associations; Theater; Christmas trees; Chestnut; Physicians; Dairy barns

Corporate Subjects

American Association of Park Superintendents; North Dakota. Supreme Court; First Presbyterian Church (Grand Forks, N.D.); YMCA of the USA; Metropolitan Theatre (Grand Forks, N.D.); Great Northern Railway Company (U.S.)

Personal Subjects

Ford, Henry; Wilcox, Raymond, (1893-1971); Warnke, Frank; Dunkin, L. W., (1907-1995); Townsend, Arthur; Townsend, Henry; Dearv, J. E.; Norstad, Peder; Kannowski, Max B., 1893-1933; Johnson, Neil; McConnachie, John; McLean, Malcolm; McLean, Dan; Daugherty, Philamena; Phalen, Andy, (Mrs.); Mc Manus, J. T.; McManus, Ella, (Mrs. John McConnachie); Herriott, John; Herriot, Minnie, (Mrs. Jerry Fountain, Dahlen); Clemmo, Pete; Clemmo, Simon; Hagness, Torgar; Johnston, Daniel; Johnston, Mary A., (Mrs. James Coulter); Johnston, Katie (Mrs. J. J. Ferguson); Hamilton, W. D.; Williams, W. C.; Freeman, Andrew L., (1909 –1996); Freeman, G. A.; Quarry, H. D.; Wheeler, Henry Mason (1854-1930); Davies, W. L.; Burr, Flora Cameron, (1872-1956); Burr, Alexander G. (Alexander George), 1871-1951; Mendenhall, Harlan G. (Harlan George), 1851-1940; Aaserud, L. M.; Mattison, J. B.; Hurd, Charlie; Hunter, K. C.; Knudson, Andrew; Bates, E. C.; Pillsbury, Harry Nelson, 1872-1906; Barnes, O. J.; Lewis, C.S.; McKay, C. M.; Jones, A. P.; Brown, F. A.; Brockhoff, B. F.; Dawley, Henry; Hall, W. W.; Williams, William Carlos; Kirsch, Adolph S.; Mann, Daphne Marquette, (Mrs.); Kirsch, John; Murchie, H. H.; Gowran, C. C.; Wilder, W. H.; Huff, Wallace; Kent, Frank V.; Wineman, J. B.; Wilder, W. L.; McAdam, T. J.; Lebeau, J. C.; Gordon, W. A.; Walker, J. P.; March, C. B.; Burr, W. H.; Currie, W. A.; McCormack, Graeme; McCormack, Michael L.; Alloway, C.J.; Bosard, James Huntington, (1845-1907); Barnes, O. W.; Smith, J. Walker; Bachelder, George A.; Bray, J. P.; Pringle, B.; Gockey, F. A.; Lockerby , M. M.; McLaughlin, S. W.; McBride, W.; Johnson, A. G.; Hankey, G. J.; Cooper, E. C.; Armstrong, J. P.; Cole, J. L.; Palmer, W. O.; Birkholz, John; Hale, C. A.; Gowran, E. A.; Titus, Seymour S.; Reuth, M.; Robinson, Clara; Dow, Lillian; McMaster, Nellie; Hunter, Blanche; Teel, Gertie; Topping, Alice; Reeve, Daisy; Robinson, Julia; Dow, May; Nugent, Rose; Nugent, Katie; Stewart, Annie; Miller, Dollie; Mosette, Theresa; Smith, Cora; Garvey, Delie; Hunter, Duckey Blanche

Geographic Subjects

North Dakota--Grand Forks; North Dakota--Gilby; North Dakota--Emerado; North Dakota--Drayton; North Dakota--Saint John; North Dakota--Starkweather; North Dakota--Inkster; North Dakota--Grand Forks County; North Dakota--Pembina; North Dakota--Niagara; North Dakota--Dahlen; North Dakota--Michigan; North Dakota--Fordville; North Dakota--Park River; Minnesota--Fisher; North Dakota--Upham; North Dakota--Minot; Minnesota--Crookston; North Dakota--Bottineau; North Dakota--Hankinson; North Dakota--Fort Pembina


Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota

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