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Grand Forks Herald


Fruit; Berries--Varieties; Plum puddings; Fruitcake; Traditional medicine; Dried fruit; Agriculture; Shrubs; Goldfinches; Concerts; Community music; Tulips; Hollyhock; Poetry; Opera; Lawyers Legislators; Political campaigns; Political conventions; Newspapers; Mayors; Thanksgiving; Storms; Farmhouses; Newspaper editors; Trees--Transplanting; Grain--Inspection; Politicians; Birds--Migration; Swallows; Nighthawks; Chimney swift; Railroad; Mayors; Farmers; Prisoners; Civil war; Fishers; Street lighting; Pansies; Blizzards; Leg--Amputation; Frostbite; Floods; Ice-boats; Social security; Ducks; Geese; Peonies; Elections; Universities and colleges--Alumni and alumnae; Explosions; Gasoline; Fishing boats; Tomatoes; Sweet corn; Peas; Wheat--Seeds; Rain and rainfall; Lawyers; College graduates; Farm life; Horned lark; Crows; Juncos; Meadowlarks; Killdeer; Song sparrow; Pussy willows; Red-winged blackbird; Mourning cloak butterfly; Dandelions

Corporate Subjects

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (U.S.); United States. Federal Grain Inspection Service; Great Northern Railway Company (U.S.); University of North Dakota; United States. Army. Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Personal Subjects

Gebhardt, J. G.; Aase, George; Lindquist, Elmer; Roberts, Beverly Louise (1914–2009); Howard, John; Stewart, T. C.; Hansbrough, Henry Clay, 1848-1933; Cochrane, John M. (John McDowell), 1859-1904; McKinley, William, 1843-1901; Cochrane, John M. (John McDowell), 1859-1904; Dinnie, John, (1853-1910); Lander, E. J. (Edward J.), 1860-; Perry, W. F.; Hale, C. A.; Benner, N. G.; McLoughlin, Philip John, (1861-1944); Kent, F. V.; Nuss, J. E.; Barnes, O. W.; Griffith, T. C.; Paulsness, B. O.; Wilder, Geo. H.; Campbell, R. D.; Wineman, J. B.; LaMoure, Judson (1839–1918); Willson, Frank; Stewart, Donald, (1832-); Hager, Grant; Wardwell, Francis Asbury, 1844-1928; Banks, J. A.; Thompson, Robert; Creel, Heber M.; McGahan, L. D.; Shea, Jim; Lewis, Charles N.; McClernan, P. A.; Duis, George Edward (1922 -1999); Taylor, J. D.; Collins, Stephen; Healy, Henry Herbert, 1869-1935; Lyons, James; Nugent, Thomas; Bunyan, John; Hanna, Mark; Odden, Cole; Roat, F. T.; Moosette, John B., (1838-1912); Healy, R. D.; Garske, Paul Robert Frank (1889-1970); Garske, Herman Julius, (1852-1929); Garske, Clara Hedwig Louise, (1884-1951); Garske, Charley; Wheeler, Henry Mason (1854-1930); Bliss, Paul Southworth, 1889-1940; Squires, Alden W., (1907-); Howell, John; Woodward, Mary Dodge, 1826-1890; Middaugh, H. G.; Kaufman, Ann

Geographic Subjects

Minnesota--East Grand Forks; North Dakota--Grand Forks; Metropolitan Opera House (Grand Forks, N.D.); North Dakota--Devils Lake; North Dakota--Grafton; North Dakota--Pembina; North Dakota--Minot; North Dakota--La Moure; North Dakota--Park River; North Dakota--Bathgate; North Dakota--Pembina County; Minnesota--Crookston; Minnesota--Argyle; Minnesota--Moorhead; North Dakota--Manvel; Minnesota--Bemidji; North Dakota--Larimore; North Dakota--Garske; North Dakota--Mandan; North Dakota--Bismarck; North Dakota--Sheldon; Minnesota--Lake Bemidji; North Dakota--Crystal; North Dakota--Saint Thomas


Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota

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