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Backscatter Coefficient, Airborne Data


The North Dakota Citation Research Aircraft obtained measurements of anvil cirrus clouds over Florida during the summer of 2015 (CAPE2015). The Citation is fitted to take measurements of atmospheric variables (pressure, temperature, dew point, wind velocity, etc...) as well as cloud particle properties (concentration, size-distribution, water content, etc...). Data (at 1 Hz) is included from four flights occuring on 31 July 2015, 1 August 2015, and 2 August 2015. Cloud properties were measured by the Two-Dimensional Stereo probe (2D-S), the High-Volume Precipitation Spectrometer (HVPS3) probe and the Nevzorov probe. Additionally, particle data from the 2D-S and HVPS3 are combined to create a single particle size distribution that spans the measurment size range of both probes, as well as derived backscatter coefficient values. The cloud imaging probe data is processed using the Center-In array element method and fast-cirucle particle sizing for diameter determination. The backscatter coefficient is derived from the particle size distribution using backscatter efficiencies averaged over the size interval of each channel in the distribution.


Two-Dimensional Stereo (2D-S) probe, High-Volume Precipitation Spectrometer (HVPS3) probe, Nevzorov probe, Applanix Position and Orientation System for Airborne Vehicles, Rosemount Total Temperature Probe, Tunable Diode Laser Hygrometer, Edgetech Dew Point Sensor

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Wagner, S. W. and Delene, D. J.: Technique for comparison of backscatter coefficients derived from in-situ cloud probe measurements with concurrent airborne Lidar, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 6447-6466,, 2022.


This dataset was updated on September 25, 2020. For access to the original dataset please contact the authors.


Titusville, Florida, USA

North Boundary

29 degrees 21 minutes 36 seconds

West Boundary

80 degrees 54 minutes, 0 seconds

East Boundary

79 degrees 24 minutes, 0 seconds

South Boundary

27 degrees 55 minutes 12 seconds

Temporal Resolution

1 Hz

Start Date

31-7-2015 6:18 PM

End Date

2-8-2017 12:22 AM