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Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science




The use of domain-specific modeling languages and associated methodologies, provide support in application domain where the safe and reliable operations of the systems are of paramount importance to the users and organizations, and wherein the domains are well understood and documented. One such area of domain-specific modeling application is in the field of avionic systems. For software systems to be used onboard aircrafts they must be certified, and as such certification protocols have been established for developing these safety-critical systems. These established protocols are usually represented as textual documents and inherently are difficult to apply directly in software development environments. The work presented herein proposes a graphical modeling representation for an avionic software system certification specification and an accompanying model-driven methodology for implementing the certification specification. This work is based on the RTCA Software Consideration in Airborne Systems and Equipment specification and the Unified Modeling Language. The presented model-driven methodology, incorporates the use of formal specification techniques to satisfy many of the verification requirements of the RTCA specification. The benefit of this work is in the transformation of textual description to graphical models in support of precise software system development, and a rigorous model-driven software development methodology for avionic soft-ware system development.