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The MagicBox is a multimedia display case that allows libraries to create interactive digital exhibits highlighting their physical and digital collections. Physical items can be displayed within the box while users use the touch screen to virtually flip through books, interact with 3D models, and browse images and videos. Since purchasing the MagicBox we’ve created one exhibit and accompanying reception and are currently creating our second exhibit (to be released in January 2019). In the process we’ve worked with our university art department, School of Aerospace Studies, and local heritage foundation to highlight materials with significance for broad swathes of the campus community. We’d like our audience to walk away from our presentation with an understanding of how this technology can be used to highlight unique items within their collections; the lessons we’ve learned about how to effectively collaborate with outside departments and community organizations to create exhibits; and, ideas about how to integrate digital collections with physical items to create better interactive multimedia experiences.

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Saint Paul, MN


MagicBox, multimedia display tools


Library and Information Science


Presented at the 2019 Library Technology Conference, Saint Paul, MN, March 21, 2019.

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Making Magic: Creating Digital Exhibits with the MagicBox at UND