Date of Award


Document Type

Critically Appraised Topic


Occupational Therapy

First Advisor

Anne Haskins

Second Advisor

Breann Lamborn

Third Advisor

Gail Bass/Devon Olson Lambert


This critically appraised topic paper will address the focus question relating to the intervention of therapeutic riding. A critically appraised topic (CAT) is an overview of scientific literature about an intervention or practical issue and how it relates to practice (Barends et al., 2017). The use of the Ecological Human Performance (EHP) model is to guide this CAT research with a theoretical basis. EHP was chosen for its emphasis on the person, environment, and tasks. The person is described in EHP as including their experiences, sensorimotor, cognition, and psychosocial abilities (Dunn et al., 1994). The use of EHP provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to understand the context and person relating the intervention of therapeutic riding.