Stoneware Crock No. 404

Additional Information

From James Carley's notes: Stoneware crock 9 3/4" dia., 8 3/4" high. Globular shape with the lip turning out. Two lug handles. The body seems to be red on the unglazed base, but dark gray on one of the handles which is broken. The glaze outside is a soft, gray-yellow green, bubbly, with olive spots. The dark spots are more prominent in the unglazed interior. Mark: JR scratched under the collar (more likely but less obviously J RCH) for Jim Rich. Tom Rich his son was also a potter. A grandson of Tom, Bill, is now along in years. He has a good collection of Rich pottery which this dealer is trying to obtain. Pottery, below Lincolnton NC has been closed for 50 years. Cracked and repaired from Larry Lowman Hickory NC.