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This typewritten document with handwritten revisions, dated July 20, 1956, makes reference to the "Civil Rights Bill," United States (US) House of Representatives Resolution 627. In it the author (presumed to be US Representative Usher Burdick) writes that, while he feels the law is unnecessary, "futile," and "purely political," and "will not accomplish what is claimed for it," he recognizes that the US Attorney General wants it, and the administration leaders want it, and, "not wanting to put my judgment up against the Administration" is inclined to "give them the law."

In the upper right hand corner of the first page is the handwritten notation "Cong. Record 7/20/56"

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Civil Rights, Civil Rights Bill, H. R. 627, HRes 627, HR 627, US Constitution, Supreme Court of the United States

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The Supreme Court of the United States, the US Department of Justice, the Office of the President of the United States

Draft of Speech Regarding Civil Rights Bill, US House Resolution 627, July 20, 1956