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This letter, dated October 1, 1945, from United States Brigadier General W. E. Potter of the United States (US) Army Engineers to US Representative Usher L. Burdick informs Burdick that Potter has prepared an analysis of the funds recommended in the President’s budget for the United States Corp of Engineers, of which $20,000,000.00 is the recommended appropriation for the Garrison Dam. In an underlined section, Potter writes that "Construction and land acquisition in the Williston area are not included in the work programmed for fiscal year 1956." The letter goes on to outline specific dam projects in South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming and their proposed budgetary expenditures.

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Garrison Dam, Garrison Reservoir, Garrison Diversion, pool level, pool height, water height, water level, flood height, flood level, US Army Corp of Engineers, Missouri Basin

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US Army Corp of Engineers, US Army

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W.E. Potter, Usher Burdick

Letter from W. E. Potter to Representative Burdick Regarding the Budget for Projects in the Missouri Basin, January 21, 1955