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This undated document contains descriptions and explanations of forty-two individual pictographs.

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Letter from Usher Burdick to Eugene Burdick Regarding Sioux Drawings, May 16, 1949


pictograph, indigenous art

Organizations Referenced

Standing Rock Sioux, Standing Rock Nation, Íŋyaŋ Woslál Háŋ, Crow Tribe, Lakota,

People Referenced

Yellow Eyes, William Clark, Wears One Feather, Kill Two Mounted, Wears Red Coat, Saw the Buffalo, The Man That Saw the First Horse, Little Beaver, Little Bear, Brave Soldier, Joseph (The Trader That Built a Bad House), Dog Ghost, One Feather, Goose Feather, Paints Himself Yellow,

The Meaning of the Sioux Pictograph History Concerning a Period of 188 Years Displayed on a Cloth Background with Sioux Picture Characters in Color, Undated