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Date of Work

October 5 (no year indicated)


This press statement dated October 5 (no year indicated), by United States (US) Representatives Usher L. Burdick and William Lemke states that “it was no surprise” that the United States Army Engineers have tried to create a larger pool area for the Garrison Dam than 17 million acre feet. The press statement states that this matter should be immediately placed before the federal courts in the form of an injunction to prevent the Army Engineers from breaking the law. No year is marked in this document.


Garrison Dam, Garrison Reservoir, Garrison Diversion, inundate, inundation, flooding, pool level, pool height, water height, water level, flood height, flood level

Organizations Referenced

US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers

People Referenced

Usher Burdick, William Lemke

Press Statement from Representatives Burdick and Lemke Regarding Limitation on the Pool Level, October 5