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This letter, dated July 18, 1950, from Colonel F. M. Albrecht of the United States (US) Army Corps of Engineers to US Representative Usher Burdick concerns the relocation of the towns of Sanish and Van Hook to make way for Garrison Dam. Albrecht refers to Burdick's July 10 inquiry regarding the status of the Sanish and Van Hook acquisition program. Albrecht explains that there is a question of legal authority regarding permission for the US government to pay for improvements of tenants located on railroad property. Albrecht writes that he is forwarding Burdick's letter to the Chief of Engineers, as he does not have enough of the facts to answer fully. As for the rest of the program, he writes that appraisals are underway and that funds should be appropriated by 1951; he then details the sequence in which these appraisals will occur. He explains that the two towns are planning on combining at the southwest site, and concludes by noting that there have been some issues with a minority of Sanish residents who prefer to remain a separate town.

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United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers

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Usher Burdick, F. M. Albrecht

Letter from F. M. Albrecht to Representative Burdick Regarding Sanish and Van Hook Garrison Dam Relocations, July 18, 1950