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This letter, dated April 1, 1957, from Owen D. Morken of the Fort Berthold Agency to United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick concerns the relocation funds of Miss Lorraine Perkins. In reference to James Blackdog's previous request for money from the relocation program to install plumbing facilities in the house of Perkins, the letter states that the Fort Berthold Agency cannot advance such funds. It then states that Perkins has only $1.93 in her Individual Indian Money Account. The letter recommends that Perkins speak with Mr. OK Walkingstick, the agency's Relocation Officer, if she is interested in the Relocation Program. See related docs:

Letter from Representative Burdick to James Black Dog Regarding Relocation Funds, April 4, 1957

Letter from James Black Dog to Representative Burdick Regarding Relocation Funds, March 21, 1957

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relocation, flood protections, land acquisition, Garrison Dam, Garrison Reservoir, Garrison Diversion, land program, New Town, Fort Berthold Agency

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Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara Nation, The Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation, Mandan, Nueta, Hidatsa, Arikara, Sahnish, Fort Berthold Agency

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James Black Dog, Miss Lorraine Perkins, Mr OK Walkingstick, Owen D Morken, Usher Burdick

Letter from Owen Morken to Representative Burdick Regarding Relocation Program Funds, April 1, 1957