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This letter, dated May 17, 1952, from Nelson Mason to Albert Funfar of the Register of Deeds for Richland County, North Dakota concerns land patents 1133570 and 1133027. The letter expresses that it has been sent in reference to Homestead Entries and US Bureau of Land Management records. The letter lists the records for the two land patents and states that Mason is at a loss as to where any error appears in these legal descriptions. The letter asks that Funfar point out said error. The bottom of the letter notes that copies have been sent to the US Bureau of Land Management, US Representative Usher Burdick, and John Bradford. See related docs "Letter from Representative Burdick to Nelson Mason Regarding Land Patents, May 15" and "Letter from Nelson Mason to Representative Burdick Regarding Land Patents, July 15, 1952"

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land patents, Richland County, land patent 1133570, land patent 1133027, US Bureau of Land Management

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US Bureau of Land Management

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Nelson Mason, Usher Burdick, Albert Funfar

Letter from Nelson Mason to Albert Funfar Regarding Land Patents, May 17, 1952