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This undated document, presumably by United States (US) Representative Usher L. Burdick, appears to consist of two drafts of a resolution intended to be introduced in the United States (US) House of Representatives during the first session of the 84th Congress, by Burdick.

The resolution begins with the complaint that the US Corp of Army Engineers, acting on its own and in violation of several stipulations of the original act authorizing the construction of the Garrison Dam, has decided to increase the water pool area by 6,000,000 acre-feet and the raise the surface height of the pool by twenty feet. This has necessitated the construction of dikes that were not part of the authorized project, and led to the Corps' acquisition of additional land around the reservoir, using tactics that deprive the owners of their constitutional right to due process.

Given these complaints, the resolution proposes that all appropriations for further construction of the Garrison Dam be halted until a committee appointed by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives has investigated these complaints and presented their report before July 1, 1955.

On the upper left hand of the first page of this draft, the word "Hold" is handwritten.

On the draft that consists of sections of printed matter stapled to the "H. Res." form, the text of the printed sections is identical to the text of US House of Representatives Resolution 210 of the 83d Congress, 1st Session, which was submitted on April 20 of 1953 and referred to the US House Committee on Rules.

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Usher L. Burdick

Drafts of Resolution by Representative Burdick Regarding Pool Level of Garrison Dam Reservoir, Undated