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This letter, dated January 26, 1954, from United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick to US Senator William Langer concerns the acquisition of lands by US Congress for Garrison Dam related to its pool level. The letter states that the Budget Message provides over 1 million dollars for the US Army Engineer's land buying program for Garrison Dam, meaning the US Army Engineers plan to keep buying land for dikes around the City of Williston, North Dakota. The letter goes on to state that Congress should not make an appropriation for dikes that have not been authorized and that since there is no information about how well these dikes would work, their expense cannot be justified. The letter also states that the US Army Engineers have said they have no intention of bringing to the pool to over 1,830 feet, but that in flood times the pool will rise above this level. The letter takes issue with the idea that the dam and pool can be used for both flood control and power development since one requires an empty pool and the other requires a full pool. The letter concludes by stating that the land buying program should be kept within an elevation of 1,840 feet and that the practice by the US Secretary of the Army of taking more lands which he views as necessary should be reviewed by the Supreme Court soon.

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United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers, US Secretary of War, US Supreme Court

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Senator O'Mahoney, Usher Burdick, William Langer,

Letter from Representative Burdick to William Langer Regarding Garrison Dam Land Acquisition, January 26, 1954