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This letter, dated January 26, 1954, from United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick to US Senator William Langer refers to the Budget Message, in which over $1M are provided for the US Army Engineer's land buying program for Garrison Dam. Burdick writes that this means the US Army Engineers plan to keep buying land for dikes around the City of Williston, North Dakota. Burdick argues that Congress should not make an appropriation for dikes that have not been authorized, and gives his rationale for the land buying program being kept within an elevation of 1,840 feet. He predicts that the pool-level question will eventually reach the US Supreme Court and that the land owners opposing taking of land to allow for the higher pool level will prevail.

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pool level, pool height, water height, water level, flood height, flood level, flooding, flood protections, Garrison Dam, Garrison Reservoir, Garrison Diversion, United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers, US Secretary of War, City of Williston

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US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers, US Secretary of War, US Supreme Court

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Joseph C. O'Mahoney, Usher Burdick, William Langer, Milton Young, Russell

Letter from Representative Burdick to William Langer Regarding Garrison Dam Land Acquisition, January 26, 1954