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This brief dated April 13, 1949, by United States House Representative Usher Burdick, disputes the legal authority of the United States Army Corps of Engineers to build the Garrison Dam to a higher level. This copy of the brief was filed with the Subcommittee of the House Appropriation Committee on Civil Functions of the Army Engineers on March 10, 1953. Burdick notes the original limitation on the pool level of the Garrison Dam reservoir of 1830 feet and challenges the Corps of Engineers' authority to build it to a level of 1850 feet. Burdick mentions the potential damage the higher level would cause and calls into question the abilities of General Lewis Pick. Burdick also notes the additional unapproved expenditures the Corps of Engineers have made in purchasing the additional land needed for a higher pool level. Burdick calls for further examination of the issue before proceeding with the higher dam level.

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land seizure, land purchase, land taking, taking, reclamation, Pick Plan, Sloan Plan, Pick-Sloan Plan, Garrison Dam, Garrison Diversion, Garrison Reservoir, flooding, irrigation, power development, authority, legality, pool level, pool height, appropriations

Organizations Referenced

Interstate Commerce Commission, United States Bureau of Reclamation, United States Congress, Hoover Commission, Federal Court of North Dakota, United States Army Corps of Engineers, United States House of Representatives, Subcommittee of the House Appropriation Committee on Civil Functions of the Army Engineers

People Referenced

Lewis Pick, William Glenn Sloan, Warren J. Mead

Supplemental Brief of Honorable Usher L. Burdick, Congressman from North Dakota, Concerning the Legal Authority for the Building of the Garrison Dam at Garrison, North Dakota, April 13, 1949