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This letter, dated April 20, 1950, from United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick to Federal Power Commission commissioner Nelson Smith concerns Garrison Dam and Fort Peck Dam. Burdick asks Smith a series of logistic questions about each dam, including their building costs, energy capacities, number of generators, annual costs, and dam breaks. With reference to Garrison Dam, Burdick also asks if the extra 20 feet from a pool level of 1,830 to 1,850 will be used for power or for irrigation and diversion of water.

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Garrison Dam, Garrison Reservoir, Garrison Diversion, Fort Peck Dam, pool level, pool height, water height, water level, flood height, flood level, hydropower

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US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers

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Usher L. Burdick, Nelson Smith

Letter from Representative Burdick to Nelson Smith Regarding Garrison Dam and Fort Peck Dam, April 20, 1950