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This letter dated April 16, 1949, from Secretary of the United States Army Kenneth Claiborne Royall to United States House Representative Usher Burdick, addresses comments Burdick made regarding General Pick of the United States Army Corps of Engineers and questions Burdick had about Pick's work. Royall takes issue with a number of claims Burdick made regarding the quality of Pick's work, including Ledo Road/Stilwell Road, Garrison Dam, and Fort Peck Dam. According to Royall, Burdick's assertions are incorrect, and Royall praises Pick's successful career.

Handwritten notes on the letter read "Garrison Dam" and "#8."

Date of Work



Garrison Dam, Garrison Diversion, Garrison Reservoir, Stilwell Road, Ledo Road, Lewis Pick, Pick-Sloan Plan, Fort Peck Dam, United States Army Corps of Engineers

Organizations Referenced

United States Army Corps of Engineers, United States Army, United States House of Representatives, Board of Consultants

People Referenced

Usher Burdick, Lewis Pick, A. Casagrande, O. N. Floyd, L. C. Glenn, L. F. Harza

Letter from Kenneth C. Royall to Representative Burdick Regarding General Pick, April 16, 1949