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This pamphlet dated December 1, 1952, by Merrell Quentin Sharpe, former governor of South Dakota, addresses the Pick-Sloan Plan. According to Sharpe, the purpose of the pamphlet is "to furnish all the useful information and make all the helpful suggestions concerning the Pick-Sloan Plan." Some of the main topics addressed include: effects, conflicts, value, plan of action, criticisms, flooding, navigation, and power. This paper was presented to the Missouri River States Committee of Governors and Inter-Agency Committee in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Pick-Sloan Plan, Lewis Pick, William Glenn Sloan, Flood Control Act of 1944, irrigation, power, navigation, United States Army Corps of Engineers, land seizure, land taking, taking, pool height, pool level, Oahe Dam, James River Diversion

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United States Army Corps of Engineers, Missouri River States Committee of Governors, Inter-Agency Committee, Call Bond and Mortgage Company, National Resources Planning Board, Mississippi Valley Association, National Reclamation Association, National Rural Electrification Association, United States Bureau of Reclamation, South Dakota Legislature, South Dakota Legislative Research Council, Missouri Valley Authority, Republican Party, Federal Power Commission

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Lewis Pick, Lewis A. Pick, William Glenn Sloan, Glen Sloan, Merrell Quentin Sharpe, M. Q. Sharpe, P. H. Ellwood, Clifford H. Stone, Franklin D. Roosevelt, F.D.R., Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George R. Call

Pick-Sloan Plan: Retrospects and Prospects