Usher Burdick



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This letter dated December 22, 1952, from United States House Representative Usher Burdick to United States House Representative John Taber, addresses appropriations necessary for building the Garrison Dam to a higher level. Burdick details the potential issues with raising the pool level and asserts the United States Army Corps of Engineers should be held responsible for the excess money that had been spent on the Garrison Dam project. Burdick asks Taber, as chair of the House Committee on Appropriations, to make inquiries into the Corp of Engineers' spending and actions before appropriating further funds for the project.

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Garrison Dam, Garrison Diversion, Garrison Reservoir, appropriations, Sloan-Pick Plan, pool level, pool height, land buying, land taking, taking, dam legality

Organizations Referenced

United States House Committee on Appropriations, United States Army Corp of Engineers, Great Northern Railroad

People Referenced

Lewis Pick, John Taber

Letter from Representative Burdick to Representative John Taber Regarding Appropriations for Garrison Dam, December 22, 1952