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This statement dated June 10, 1957 by United States (US) Representative Otto Krueger before the United States (US) House Committee on Public Works offers his support for modification to the Missouri River Basin project as outlined in the United States (US) Senate proposal to enable compensation to the City of Williston, ND for damages to their municipal water treatment facilities as a result of the Garrison Dam and Reservoir on the Missouri River. He references the specific damages expected by surveyors as a result of the height of the water at the reservoir, the need to construct a levee to protect the town, and the obligation of the United States government to repair any damage to the clean drinking water of the community of Williston, ND as a result of the Garrison Dam.

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US House Committee on Public Works, US Senate, City of Williston ND, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers, US Public Health Service

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Otto Krueger

Statement by Otto Krueger Before the US House of Representatives Committee on Public Works, June 10, 1957