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This letter, dated June 9, 1955, from HJ Goddard to United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick concerns Goddard's reporting on debates around the Garrison Dam pool level. The letter thanks Burdick for his previous letter on the subject and notes that credit should go to Goddard's son, Malcolm, a recent journalism graduate from the University of North Dakota. The letter also states that Goddard believes Burdick is correct about the dam's pool level and that Goddard does not approve of asking officials to weigh in on the topic when they do not know enough about it. See related doc "Letter from Representative Burdick to Mr. HJ Goddard Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level, May 9, 1955"


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Letter from HJ Goddard to Representative Burdick Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level, June 9, 1955