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This letter, dated January 6, 1949, from attorney Eugene Burdick to United States (US) Representative William Lemke concerns the Garrison Dam pool level. Burdick writes that he has enclosed two copies of a bill proposed by Harry E. Polk that would allow an operating pool level to store 17 million acre feet of water and includes propositions against dykes, levees, and other protective works. Burdick concludes by urgingLemke to use his judgement about using the 1,830 language in the bill and that Burdick's thinking is to grant the acre feet storage provided in the 1944 Flood Control Act.

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William Lemke, Eugene A. Burdick, Usher Burdick, Harry E. Polk

Letter from Eugene Burdick to Representative William Lemke Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level, January 6, 1949