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This letter, dated February 16, 1955, from James F. Martin of the Buford Trenton East Valley Land Owners to United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick opens by stating that the land owners of the East Valley of the Buford-Trenton Irrigation Project are opposed to the proposed higher pool level for the Garrison Dam reservoir and dikes that would go with it.

Martin then proposes that Congress buy the lands that the dikes would protect, as they could be had for the one third the cost of constructing dikes to protect them, and are not worth the expense of the dike system that is planned to protect them.

There is a handwritten note on the back of the letter.

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Buford-Trenton East Valley Land Owners, United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers

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James F. Martin, Usher Burdick

Letter from James Martin to Representative Burdick Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level and Proposed Land Sales, February 16, 1955