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This letter, dated June 20, 1949, from United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick to Bigelow Neal of Garrison, North Dakota is a reply to Neal's recent letter regarding the Garrison Dam operating pool level. In this reply, Burdick writes that Neal has permission to use anything Burdick has said or written about the dam. He also states that McLean county is going to be cut in two by the extra 20 feet of pool level and that those 20 feet are not necessary. He goes on to explain that, in Williston, a build up of silt in the river, or "aggradation," is another reason why the dyking system required by the extra 20 feet of pool level is scientifically unpractical.

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Letter from Bigelow Neal to Representative Burdick Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level, June 17, 1949

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Usher Burdick, Bigelow Neal

Letter from Representative Burdick to Bigelow Neal Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level, June 20, 1949