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This letter, dated March 12, 1954, from Laura Page Knudson on behalf of United Stsates (US) Usher Burdick, to attorney Walter Burk, concerns the projected energy figures related to the Garrison Dam. The document also includes a note from Knudson which explains that she has attached a letter from the US Army Engineers. This attached document, a letter from C. H. Chorpening, assistant chief of the Engineers for Civil Works, Department of the Army, includes data tables showing the projected amount of kilowatts and associated dollars generated by the dam at three pool operating level ranges. His letter concludes that discussions about the dam's operating level have focused on the power losses, but that he believes the dollar losses to be significant as well.

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Letter from Representative Burdick to C. H. Chorpening Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level, March 15, 1954

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US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers, US Engineers for Civil Works,

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C. H. Chorpening, Laura Page Knudson, Usher Burdick, Walter Burk

Letter from Laura Knudson for Usher Burdick to Walter Burk Regarding Garrison Dam Energy Projections, March 12, 1954