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This letter, dated February 9, 1954, from United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick to Mr. EM Arntson, of Tri-County Electric Cooperative, concerns the operating pool level of Garrison Dam. The letter states that Burdick disagrees with Arntson's assertion that he should support the 1,850 level for the dam. The letter lists six reasons that Burdick disagrees, including things to do with steam power, the transportation of power, the interference of private power companies, and the flooding of farm lands in the Williston Basin. The letter concludes by stating that Burdick believes someone is thinking for Arntson while Burdick is thinking for himself.

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pool level, pool height, water height, water level, flood height, flood level, United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers, Garrison Dam, Garrison Reservoir, Garrison Diversion, Williston Basin, City of Williston North Dakota, flooding

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REA, US Congress, Tri-County Electric Cooperative, United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers, City of Williston

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Mr. EM Arntson, Usher Burdick

Letter from Representative Burdick to EM Arntson Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level, February 9, 1954