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This court case dated January 12, 1953, between the United States and Frank Thompson et al, is a civil case involving a declaration of taking for lands needed for the Garrison Dam project. The case was prepared and filed on behalf of the Army Corps of Engineers by Frank Pace Jr., Secretary of the Army. The lands in question are located in Montrail and Williams counties in North Dakota. The case states the justification and precedents for the taking and establishes values for the tracts of land to be seized. Included among the case documents are three property maps that identify the tracts of land in question.

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land taking, Garrison Dam, Garrison Diversion, Garrison Reservoir, flood control, public use

Organizations Referenced

Army Corps of Engineers, United State Congress

People Referenced

Frank Pace Jr., Alfred H. Thompson, Alfred Thompson, Annie M. Thompson, Veronica Alvenia Marmon, Lemuel Marvin Marmon Jr., Eden Randall Marmon, John Dreiman, Margaret Ward Zok, Ann Allen Harris, Mildred H. Reed, Grace M. Viall

United States v. Thompson Et Al, Civil No. 2565, January 12, 1953