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This letter, dated June 28, 1940, from Fred J Traynor of Traynor & Traynor Attorneys and Counselors to United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick concerns three "Indian Bills." The letter asks if Burdick would be able to get any one of US House Resolutions (H. R.) 791, 792, or 793 through US Congress in the fall. The letter mentions that the US Secretary of the Interior had made a favorable report on H. R. 791 "if amended." The letter also mentions that Traynor has enclosed a memo on H. R. 791 and 792. That memo is not included in this document.

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US House Resolution 791, HR 791, US House Resolution 792, HR 792, US House Resolution 793, HR 793, Indian Bills, US Secretary of the Interior, US Department of the Interior

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US Department of the Interior, Traynor & Traynor Attorneys and Counselors

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Fred J Traynor, Mack V Traynor, Usher Burdick, Lynn J Frazier

Letter from Fred Traynor to Representative Burdick Regarding US House Resolutions 791, 792, and 793, June 28, 1940