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This letter, dated July 19, 1955, from attorney Joseph J Funke to Unites States (US) Representative Usher Burdick concerns the medical care of a tribal member of the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation named Janet Gohl. The letter states that St Joseph Hospital of Minot referred the case to Funke and that Funke has already reached out to Judge Gronna. The letter states that the hospital has a contract with US Bureau of Indian Affairs to give care to Fort Berthold residents. The letter details Gohl's case and notes that she was approved to receive care for 14 days but instead spent 203 days in the hospital. The letter also notes that the Bureau later approved the last 35 days of her stay, but not the middle days. The letter concludes by stating that hospital has asked Funke to facilitate collection of payment and that Funke is now reaching out to Burdick for advice.

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US Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Indian Bureau, US Indian Agency, medical care, St Joseph's Hospital of Minot

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St Joseph's Hospital of Minot, US Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Indian Bureau, US Indian Agency

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Judge Gronna, Usher Burdick, Joseph J Funke, Janet Grohl

Letter from Joseph Funke to Representative Burdick, July 19, 1955