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This letter, dated February 6, 1939, from Fred Traynor of Traynor & Traynor Attorneys and Counselors to United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick concerns "Indian Legislation." In it, Traynor states that a group of indigenous people want Ignatius to go to Washington to look after legislation. Traynor then asks if Burdick if Ignatius would be of any assistance in the matter, noting that Ignatius was a leading indigenous person involved with HR 791 and Major McLaughlin and at age 71 is the only surviving indigenous person from those negotiations which may make his testimony useful.

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HR 791, US House of Representatives Resolution 791, Traynor & Traynor

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Traynor & Traynor, US House of Representatives

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Fred Traynor, Mack Traynor, Florence Sanders, Usher Burdick, Ignatius, McLaughlin

Letter from Fred Traynor to Representative Usher Burdick Regarding Indian Legislation, February 6, 1939