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Gut bacteria are important for proper development and function of the host immune system (1). Recent studies have provided association of altered microbiome in both food allergy and neuropsychiatric disorders (2, 3) indicating potential role of microbiome in regulating Gut-Brain-Axis. Akkermansia muciniphila belongs to the phylum Verrucomicrobia, is a commensal mucin degrading bacterial species (4). A. muciniphila protects the gut barrier by facilitating host mucus production. Since patients with food allergy have increased gut permeability, protection of intestinal barrier by increased mucus production may be beneficial in preventing allergen and pathogen infiltrations, hence, minimizing inflammation. A. muciniphila is well known in preventing obesity and diabetes but its role in food allergy and neuropsychiat ric disorders has yet be ascertained.

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Allergy and Immunology | Biological Phenomena, Cell Phenomena, and Immunity | Pathology

Investigating the potential role of Akkermansia muciniphila supplementation in neuroinflammation: A progress report