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21st International Symposium on Aviation Psychology


Resilient safety culture is a key factor in sustaining safety management systems (SMS) in a U.S. collegiate aviation program. The relationships between four organizational management factors (Principles, Policy, Procedures, Practices) and a resilient safety culture model based on Reason’s concept was assessed using an online survey instrument. Structural Equation Model (SEM) technique were used to assess measurement models of factors underlying a resilient safety culture. All four management factors had significant predictive relationship with resilient safety culture. Practices had the weakest predictive relationship with resilient safety culture and Policy had the highest. Procedures strongly mediated path between Policies and Practices and there was no significant predictive relationship between Principles and Practices. Results suggest a good resilient safety culture within the aviation program even though more focus should be placed on Practices. Study adds to the paucity of existing literature on resilient safety culture in U.S. collegiate aviation programs.

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