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This philosophical analysis delves into the complex and interwoven dynamics between social media and two of Adam Kotsko's subcategories of Sociopathy, namely the "Climbers" and the "Schemers." By scrutinizing their motivations and behaviors within the realm of social media, this inquiry reveals the profound consequences that emerge from their actions. The "Climbers," driven by an insatiable desire for social status, exhibit a propensity for betraying others to achieve personal gain. Conversely, the "Schemers" engage in impulsive behaviors, prompted by an inherent need to alleviate boredom. Moreover, it becomes evident that the interplay between these subcategories has not only spawned a toxic cycle of social media usage. It has also witnessed the "Climbers" actively shaping and creating the technology, while the "Schemers" have cultivated and nurtured its underlying dynamics. Building upon this examination, it becomes evident that the interplay between these subcategories has spawned a toxic cycle of social media usage, perpetuated by the relentless quest for recognition and fueled by technological advancements. Recognizing and understanding this intricate cycle holds paramount importance in mitigating negative repercussions and fostering healthier interactions within the digital landscape. By unraveling the profound relationship between social media and Sociopathy, this analysis provides a philosophical lens through which one can comprehend the far-reaching implications of these phenomena, prompting critical reflection and necessitating proactive measures to navigate contemporary online interactions.

Conducted in Philosophy 331:Contemporary European Philosophy with Dr. Stone

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Presented at the Spring 2023 UNDergraduate Showcase in Grand Forks, ND, May 4, 2023.

Sociopaths Have Formed Social Media

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