Submissions from 2021

Audio Guide to Untitled by Utagawa Hiroshige, Jessica Alcon, Haley Schwab, and Brooke Shirek

Audio Guide to Study of Antiques II by Joseph Francis Nollekens, Jon Auran, Connor Foley, and Amber Flohaug

Audio Guide to Engineering School on UND Campus in 1945 by Paul Barr, Kendra Bohm, Alexa Steen, and Lauren Shimek

Audio Guide to Musical Still Life by Lenora Bermann, Noah Cline, Leah Pesch, and Megan Peck

Audio Guide to Untitled by Heather McAdams, Jalen DeCoteau and Alex Midgarden

Audio Guide to Adaption by Matthew Anderson, Theresa Gandara, Brie Schleppi, and Colleen Carlson

Audio Guide to Veduta Dell' Acqua Giulia by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Ryan Johnson

Audio Guide to Untitled by Robert Kabak, Judy Nguyen and Marlie Heiser

Audio Guide to Untitled by Tamara Thompson, Alexander Ossorio

Audio Guide to The Archer from Der Blaue Reiter by Wassily Kandinsky, Marissa Rehm, Sydney Baumgartner, and Chloe Narr

Audio Guide to Femme au Chapeau by Henri Matisse, Erin Sedra, Maya Bohlman, and Rebecca Avery

Audio Guide to Ship of Fools by Albrecht Dürer, Courtney Stevens, Blithe Grey, and Jessie Grabouski

Audio Guide to Free by Michael Lane, Brandon Woodman

Submissions from 2019

Audio Guide to White Trees by Sister Denise Schonhardt, Carter Bladholm, Drew Helten, and Chloe Ekstrom

Audio Guide to Daphne by Audrey Flack, Katie Fredericks and Andrew Helfenberger

Audio Guide to Untitled by Cody Marks, Allie Ochotorena, Acacia Geske, and Ashley Combs

Audio Guide to Untitled by Helge Ellis Ederstrom, Jacqueline R. Raatz and Kara Stalboerger

Audio Guide to Snowman With Light by Todd Hebert, Laura Spelhaug and Mark Senden

Audio Guide to Target by Jasper Johns, Brian Walls, Josh Strom, and Destinee Miller

Audio Guide to Photosynthesis by Paul Noot, Alexis Walther, Peter Thome, and Jason Ripple