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UAP 16908

Additional Information

The 1909 team played four games. The team won the games against Grand Forks High School, 33-0; Alumni, 5-0; Hamline 19-0; and tied Carleton 3-3. Identified players include: Oscar Edmondson, middle of the back row. In the second row, starting with the first man from the left and moving to the right: Martineau, Paul Barnes, Ruben Stee Bliss, Haeder Brennnan, Lynn, and Winneman. Sorenson is in the first row, the second from the left. (Information from 1912 Dakotah Annual)


Athletics; Football; Students; Uniform; Football players; Athletics; Football uniforms; Male college students; Draperies; Hairstyles; Men

Places Depicted

North Dakota--Grand Forks; North Dakota

Organizations Depicted

University of North Dakota

People Depicted

Edmondson, Oscar; Barnes, Paul; Bliss, Ruben Stee; Brennnan, Haeder