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UAP 4560

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The Women's Gymnasium, designed by architect Joseph B. De Remer, has the word "gymnasium" across the entrance door. The Cornerstone reads: "1907." Several trees surround the building and behind it are Great Northern Railroad Cars. UND built the gymnasium to provide an armory and drill hall, a gymnasium for men and women, and a University Assembly Hall. With the completion of the Armory (1919), the regular work of the Military Department and men's athletics were removed and it was then primarily a woman's gymnasium. (Information from University of North Dakota, History of the Buildings, E.F. Chandler, page 40)


Gymnasium; Great Northern Train Cars; Athletics; University Assembly Hall; Trees; Gymnasiums; Buildings; College buildings; Railroad - Cars; Doorways; Windows

Places Depicted

North Dakota; North Dakota--Grand Forks

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University of North Dakota