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UAP 4502

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View of Davis Hall dining room. Seated around seven tables, covered with white tablecloths, are male and female students. Two male servers stand along the wall. One of two windows on the back wall is partially open and both are curtained. Hanging from the ceiling are 4 bare incandescent lights. The university dining room occupied the middle portion of the east side of the Davis Hall basement, from the occupation of the building in 1887 until the completion of the University Commons in 1911.


Davis Hall; Students; Dining Room; Hannah E. Davis; Fashion-clothing; hairstyles; electricity; tables; chairs; dishes; waiters-dining room servers; Table service; Buildings; Students; Dinners and dining; Clothing and dress; Tableware; Furniture

Places Depicted

North Dakota--Grand Forks

Organizations Depicted

Davis Hall (Grand Forks, N.D.); University of North Dakota

People Depicted

Davis, Hannah E., 1841-1898


Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota