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Identification #

UAP 17825

Additional Information

The Head Custodian and engineer, Joseph A. Guyst (circa 1857-1939), for the University of North Dakota, 1887-1890 and 1894-1903, is standing on the wooden sidewalk outside of Davis Hall. Ladies Hall was built in 1887 and renamed for Hannah E. Davis who had been the preceptress/matron for all the women students. From its construction, the President of the University lived in the hall until the completion of the President's House in 1903. The University dining room occupied the basement until the completion of the University Commons in 1911.


Custodian-Janitor; Fashion-clothing; Coveralls; Wooden Sidewalk; Davis Hall; Joseph A. Guyst; Ladies Hall; Dormitory; School custodians; Janitors; College buildings - Maintenance and repair; Overalls; Clothing and dress; Sidewalks; Dormitories

Places Depicted

North Dakota--Grand Forks

Organizations Depicted

Davis Hall (Grand Forks, N.D.); University of North Dakota

People Depicted

Guyst, Joseph A., 1857-1939